February 2, 2015

Bertha DRB Report Released

By Sarah Washburn

In an update to our previous post on the matter, the SR-99 tunnel dispute review board has released its recommendations regarding STC’s differing site conditions claim for excessive groundwater flows and other difficulties encountered at Bertha’s south launch pit.  The Bertha DRB report, dated January 27, 2015, includes a summary of WSDOT’s and STP’s positions and provides the DRB’s recommendations regarding the differing site condition issue.  In essence, the DRB concluded that a differing site condition was encountered near the south launch pit and the STP is entitled to relief as it pertains to the impacts on dewatering of the soils in that area.  The DRB, however, concluded that  issues related to the time and money impacts of the alleged differing site condition were outside the scope of the hearing – thus leaving that issue for WSDOT and STP to negotiate.