Pacifica offers unique experience and perspective on legal issues laden with political and policy implications.

Serving clients in the public eye and on issues of significant public interest requires a distinct, multidisciplinary approach and strategy. Pacifica attorneys have represented and advised elected officials, municipalities, other major public entities, nonprofit organizations, political committees, and private parties in this realm.

We have advised public clients on countless politics and policy matters, such as:

  • Policy planning and strategy
  • Legislation drafting
  • High-visibility litigation
  • Ethics reviews
  • Internal investigations
  • Initiatives, referenda, and elections issues
  • Campaign laws including PDC compliance
  • Time-sensitive political concerns

With considerable work on these and other issues, and through first-hand experience serving on numerous campaigns and in civic and public positions, we approach difficult questions not only with a technical, legal perspective, but also with a nuanced understanding of the larger context within which issues must be addressed.

Challenges and Litigation

Political and policy matters often involve some element of opposition. When challenges arise related to political and policy decisions, Pacifica serves as trusted counsel through the process and, as appropriate, advocates in court or administrative tribunals. From campaign finance proceedings to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and Washington State Supreme Court, our expert litigation and appellate attorneys work with diligence, expertise, and sensitivity for their political and policy clients.

Our experience and success in this area is broad, from representing elected officials and candidates in campaign finance and voter pamphlet matters to litigating the constitutionality of several initiatives and referenda, including ones related to reducing gun violence and increasing the statewide minimum wage. For more information on Pacifica’s specific expertise in initiatives, referenda, and election law, click here.