February 22, 2015

Department of Labor & Industries Issues Revised Prevailing Wage Rates Effective March 4

By Sarah Washburn

As provided under WAC 296-127-011, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries published updated prevailing wage rates on February 2, 2015.  The rates become effective 30 days after publication, i.e, March 4, 2015.  Prevailing wage rates are searchable by county on the Department’s website.  The Department’s website also explains how to determine which rate to use:  The effective prevailing wage rates in a particular county are determined by the bid due date for a public works project, and the rates applicable at that time remain in effect for the duration of the project so long as contract award occurs within six months of bid due date.  Thus, projects with bid due dates of March 4, 2015 or after will use the new prevailing wage rates.  Projects with bid due dates prior to March 4 will use the previous set of prevailing wage rates, published in August 2014.  And for projects that have a bid due date of March 4 or later, but were advertised before March 4, public agencies should update the prevailing wage information by issuing an addendum with the new rates prior to the bid opening date.