December 21, 2018

2018 Annual Summary Construction / Procurement

We are pleased to offer this comprehensive summary of the major construction and procurement developments in 2018 that have an impact on public and private owners, contractors and developers. Topics include:


  • Contractor Notice Obligations Enforced by Washington Supreme Court
  • Continuing Validity of Bignold v. King County at Issue in Fish Bypass Renovation Dispute
  • First Breach Doctrine Prevents Strict Enforcement of Notice Requirement
  • King County Superior Court Interprets GC/CM Statute
  • Design / Build Statute Changes under Consideration in 2019
  • From the Vault: Beware of Contractual Insurance Requirements
  • Attorney-Client Privilege Does Not Extend to Communications with Former Employees
  • Expert Discovery: Draft Reports Not Discoverable Under Civil Rules
  • Expert Discovery: Oso Landslide Expert Email Deletion Debacle
  • 100 Years Later, Spearin Doctrine Continues to Evolve
  • Erroneous Bid Documents Lead to Negligent Misrepresentation Claim
  • Venue Issue Decided in Tunneling Dispute
  • Excavation Contractor Held Liable Under Utility Locate Statute
  • Incorporation of Arbitral Rules Divests Court of Jurisdiction to Decide Arbitrability
  • Bond Principal Not Necessary Party in Action to Foreclose Against Release of Lien Bond
  • Retainage Statute:  New Amendment Allows Subcontractors (Maybe) to Compel Release of Retainage

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