June 24, 2024

Pacifica Client yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective Acquires Site for Future Native Arts Center

yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective acquisition in Rainier Beach, Seattle.

yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective's new property features a residence that the nonprofit plans to turn into an arts center.

Seattle can look forward to the development of a new Native arts center thanks to yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective. In March, the Native-led arts and culture nonprofit acquired an approximately 9,000-square-foot lot located at 9674 51st Avenue South in the Rainier Beach neighborhood. The property features a 1,270-square-foot residence, which yəhaw̓ plans to develop into an arts center in the coming years.

yəhaw̓ made an off-market offer on the property and negotiated a substantial cash donation from the sellers. The property is adjacent to a 1.5-acre greenspace property that yəhaw̓ acquired in December 2022 with funds awarded through Seattle’s Equitable Development Initiative and Strategic Investment Fund. Pacifica’s Andrew Zellers, a partner in the firm’s Real Estate practice group, represented yəhaw̓ in both acquisitions.

The acquisition of the new property extends an exciting period of growth for yəhaw̓. The nonprofit is currently using the building for offices, communal kitchen, arts co-working space, and artist-in-residence studios as it completes strategic improvements to the property and structure. It plans to kick off the further redevelopment of the building later this year with a nationwide search for an Indigenous-led architecture team and a community engagement process. It also plans to launch a capital campaign next year.

“By creating an inclusive space where young people, Elders, and all our relatives can create and experience art together, we are sowing the seeds for the vibrant Indigenous futures we want to see bloom for generations to come,” yəhaw̓’s executive director Asia Tail said in a press release announcing the acquisition.

yəhaw̓’s plans for the new property complements its work at the adjacent greenspace, where it hosts programming on ecology, food practices, and community development, and plans to add small structures such as greenhouses over time.

Founded in 2017, yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective supports Indigenous artists and their families with creative and economic opportunities, including exhibitions, residencies, publications, and grants. They are currently rematriating over 1.5 acres of land in Rainier Beach, on Coast Salish territories.

yəhaw̓ is raising funds to support near-term maintenance and upgrades to its latest acquisition. It is also hosting a series of volunteer events on Friday afternoons through the end of August, where people of all ages can connect with the organization and help with projects.

For more information about yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective, please visit its website.