Advice and Counseling

Pacifica attorneys serve as general or outside special counsel to a host of municipal entities and non-profit corporations. In this capacity we are often called upon to provide guidance on governance and policy issues, interpret liability provisions, review contracts and transactions, consider legal and regulatory compliance issues, advise on issues regarding the lending of credit or gifts of public funds, review compliance with prevailing wage and competitive bidding statutes, and represent clients in insurance, contract, tort, and other disputes.

We also have significant experience providing legal advice with regard to regular and special meetings and executive sessions. Our representation of public entities also includes counseling and litigation involving public contracting, real estate, insurance recovery, environmental (NEPA/SEPA, pollution liability, and ESA), construction, and land use. All of the lawyers at Pacifica have extensive experience with Washington public law (constitutional, statutory, regulatory and case law, informed by attorney general opinions and other guidance).

We regularly draft motions and resolutions, review meeting minutes, attend staff and board meetings, and provide day-to-day assistance when called upon. We pride ourselves not only on our technical skills and our leadership at the national level, but on being “counselors” to our clients, understanding and advancing their goals.