School District Compliance and Policy

We advise school districts on a wide range of compliance and policy matters, including those involving:

  • First amendment matters, including the conduct of public workers on social media (either at or away from work)
  • The use of websites and social media accounts by schools and school districts with respect to matters such as:
    • The allowance of public commenting
    • Responding to “take-down” requests
    • Complying with open government laws (such as what to do if website or social media content is revised or deleted)
  • Compliance with the Public Records Act and the Open Public Meetings Act, including providing advice and counsel in connection with specific conduct that may or may not be covered by such acts (such as email exchanges between employees)
  • Compliance with the Public Disclosure Commission rules
  • Advising boards on parliamentary procedure and governance issues and conduct during public meetings
  • Pending local or state legislation and rule-making, including implementation of new laws and rules
  • Creation, implementation, and compliance with Board policies and procedures
  • Unique issues that may arise, particularly in light of COVID-19 (such as holding meetings on Zoom and addressing security compliance)

We additionally help school district clients comply with matters such as records requests, particularly those involving responding to requests involving voluminous electronic records.

Occasionally litigation may be initiated against school districts concerning compliance and policy matters. In these circumstances, we advise and represent school district clients in all aspects of the litigation process.

School District Compliance Training

As laws, regulations, and social media change, and as new board and staff members join a school district, ongoing compliance training is helpful to confirm that public officials and staff understand their evolving obligations. In addition to providing advice and counsel regarding specific policy and compliance matters that arise, we additionally provide proactive compliance training and policy development relating to the areas noted above.

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