Student Matters

Pacifica’s school district attorneys have significant experience in assisting school administrators with a wide range of student matters, including those involving student discipline, privacy, speech, due process, nondiscrimination, and athletic eligibility, among a variety of other claims.

Addressing Unique Student Matters

In recent years, numerous novel and complex issues have arisen that school administrators must address, including gender issues and related facility compliance, as well as matters concerning the use of medical marijuana and CBD oil. We help administrators address these and other evolving issues, and provide administrators with pragmatic, actionable solutions, including advising on policy development.  We know that prompt responses are critical and necessary, and that administrators need sound advice and solutions, not a recitation of the law.

Our attorneys are proactive in learning about the operations, policies, and objectives of schools and school district clients. This helps us work with clients to anticipate and address new issues and to provide tailored advice consistent with policies and objectives.

Student Discipline and Bullying

Pacifica lawyers work with administrators to draft guidelines concerning student discipline, including suspensions and expulsions, and also represent districts in all phases of the student discipline process.

Pacifica attorneys also advise districts in the area of harassment, intimidation, and bullying, and advise districts in investigating and resolving these claims.


We assist administrators in compliance with federal and state student records privacy guidelines, and provide advice in response to changes in laws and regulations. We additionally provide administrators with proactive educational programs about privacy compliance and best practices.

Athletic Eligibility

We know that school district administrators and coaches are under increased pressure to produce winning teams. When athlete eligibility matters arise, we advise administrators concerning the interpretation of eligibility rules, including those involving student transfers and academic eligibility.

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