We are assisting clients in a number of areas in COVID-19 related matters, including:

  • Public Records
  • Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA)
  • Gift of Public Funds
  • Landlord-Tenant
  • Scope of Public Entity Municipal Powers
  • Compliance with Emergency Proclamations and Orders
  • CARES ACT (Coronavirus Stimulus Package)
  • Financing Tools for Local Governments and State Agencies
  • Contract Issues including Force Majeure Clauses
  • School Districts’ compliance with equitable student services, school closure, wage and working

Litigation and Public Policy:

Paul Lawrence, Litigation

Paul advises both public and private client on a broad range of topics. He advises public clients on the Open Public Meetings Act, Gift of Public Funds issues relating to extending employee benefits to rent abatements for tenants, and the scope of emergency powers. Additionally, Paul has provided counsel regarding insurance coverage to both public and private clients.

Jamie Lisagor, COVID-19 Response Leader

Jamie is leading our firm’s team in addressing the wide range of legal issues that our public, private, and non-profit clients face in responding to the coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic. In the immediate wake of the pandemic, Jamie participated in a webinar co-sponsored with the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSP) addressing the impact on public agencies, including emergency powers at the federal, state and local levels, and holding public meetings.

Zach Pekelis, Litigation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zach has become one of Washington’s leaders in defending state and local governments against legal challenges to emergency public health measures. In over 40 such cases, no challenger won any form of relief against Zach’s clients.

Municipal Law and Public Finance:

Stacey C. Lewis, Municipal Law & Public Finance

Stacey advises public universities and local governments on financing tools for costs associated with COVID-19 response and on bond disclosure requirements.

Faith Pettis, Municipal Law & Public Finance

Faith advises state agencies and local government on financing tools for COVID-19 costs, the federal stimulus provisions applicable to affordable housing, and OPMA and other governance issues.

Real Estate:

Richard Moore, Real Estate

Rich works with landlords and property managers to assess and respond to tenant issues related to the coronavirus and its economic impacts. This includes counseling related to lease workouts and modifications. He has also been working with clients regarding property management responses related to coronavirus contamination in buildings.


John Parnass, Construction

John advises construction project clients (owners, contractors) on compliance with numerous COVID proclamations and orders, including the March 25, 2020 Construction Guidance, and offers suggested approaches to issues of delay, force majeure, mitigation / prevention costs and contract rights and remedies.

School Districts:

Denise Stiffarm, Firm Managing Partner, School Districts

Denise and the School Districts group are advising clients on the impact of COVID-19, particularly with regard to the nature of educational programs provided during school closures, the equitable provision of student services during, and the impact on employees and labor groups including wage and working conditions issues. The group also is advising clients on Open Public Meetings Act compliance and school construction matters.