April 1, 2021

Pacifica Law Group Celebrates 10 Years

Pacifica Attorneys from News Article

On Our Ten Year Anniversary: A message of Thanks

Pacifica Law Group was founded by former leading partners of the Seattle office of a large, international law firm ten years ago this month. Stewards of highly regarded, regionally significant practices that seemed better suited to a smaller firm with a more local focus, our founders also imagined a firm culture that valued collegiality, collaboration and every member of our team, and that dedicated itself to community service and reinvestment. Thanks to our clients who joined us from the beginning and all those who have followed since, we have succeeded in building a firm that exceeds our aspirations for it in every way.

Upon our decennial anniversary, and as we all emerge from the harrowing challenges of 2020, Pacifica expresses profound gratitude to all who have supported us just as we rededicate ourselves to our original vision: providing the highest quality of professional service to our clients while supporting our colleagues and continuing to materially give back to our community. Thank you for the trust you have vested in us and the opportunity to assist you in achieving your own goals.