May 1, 2017

Paul Lawrence and Joni Earl Honored by NPI with Lynn Allen Awards

The Northwest Progressive Institute (NPI) presented Pacifica lawyer Paul Lawrence and Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl with its very first Lynn Allen Awards on Saturday, April 29. The Award was created in honor of the late Lynn Allen, a founding board member of NPI, who was deeply committed to inclusive and effective activism. The Award recognizes people who have made indispensable contributions to progressive causes for a decade or more.

Paul’s award commendation is as follows:

“A formidable attorney specializing in complex appellate and civil litigation, Paul Lawrence has ably represented public servants and working families in our courts for more than thirty years. During a five year stretch ranging from 2011 to 2016, Paul skillfully secured a series of landmark verdicts against a crop of right wing initiatives that gravely threatened Washington’s future. Prior to those cases, Paul defended Sound Transit against multiple lawsuits intended to weaken or destroy it. His mastery of constitutional law and sound trial strategy have repeatedly led to crucial victories for progressive causes.”

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