November 22, 2022

Get to Know Pacifica – Christopher Sanders

Christopher_SandersThis week in Pacifica’s “Get to Know” series, we are highlighting Christopher Sanders. Christopher’s practice focuses on commercial and municipal litigation, including trials, investigations, and general counseling.

Why did you choose your area of practice and what do you like most about it?

I chose the litigation group because I am passionate about civil litigation and the amount of good that the creative, brilliant, and talented lawyers in the litigation group can do for our communities. I simply love being a part of this team.

Why did you choose to practice law at Pacifica Law Group?

I chose Pacifica Law Group because of its commitment to excellence and service.

What kinds of volunteer, philanthropic, or community events are important to you?

I really had a lot of fun volunteering at the 32nd Annual Charles V. Johnson Youth and Law Forum, recently. The youth and law forum exists to teach elementary, middle school, and high school aged kids about their rights, and to expose them to careers in the legal profession. I am thrilled that Pacifica came out to support the event. In total, around 200 students and volunteers participated and it was a huge success. 

What hobbies and activities do you participate in outside of work?

I enjoy fishing, hiking and backpacking, and doing things in the outdoors in general.

What is something others might find surprising about you?

We moved to Washington D.C. when I was about six years old. Before that, we lived in New England, and my mother says that for a time I had developed a strong Boston accent.

What is your favorite past adventure?

We went on a safari in Tanzania for our honeymoon. There we had an opportunity to see a lot of wildlife, including elephants who were using their trunks to dig water wells in the sand. Fascinating!