December 8, 2023

Pacifica Attorneys to Speak at AWC Elected Officials Essentials Workshop

Portraits of Pacifica Law Group attorneys Deanna Gregory, Stacey Crawshaw-Lewis, and Jessica Skelton.Pacifica Law Group attorneys will lead sessions at the Association of Washington Cities Elected Officials Essentials Workshop this weekend, which will take place concurrently at several locations across the state and be broadcast online.

The annual workshop brings together experienced and newly elected or appointed officials across the state for training on a range of topics related to their roles and legal responsibilities.

Pacifica founding partner Deanna Gregory will lead “An introduction to municipal finance” session from Wenatchee. Another of our founding partners, Stacey Crawshaw-Lewis, and partner Jessica Skelton, will lead breakout discussions of municipal scenarios that delve into situations and issues that elected officials commonly face.

For more information about Pacifica’s Public Finance and Municipal Law practices, please reach out to Deanna, Stacey, Jessica, or any of our Public Finance and Municipal Law attorneys.