Formation, Governance, and Compliance

Nonprofit Entity Formation

We are lucky to live in a community where people come together to support and advance causes that better our society. Pacifica is proud to help such groups achieve legal status and protection as nonprofit organizations. We help groups understand the relevant Internal Revenue Code requirements and assist them through the process. This often includes drafting bylaws, appointing officers and directors, preparing and filing the IRS application for tax-exempt status, and obtaining tax ID numbers.

Governance, Compliance, and Operational Matters

After formation, we assist nonprofits in ongoing legal operational and governance matters. Many nonprofits will have employees, assets, leases, and transactional needs, much the same as for-profit companies. We advise and assist with many of the day-to-day legal matters that arise, such as contract, employment, and other matters.

We also assist nonprofits with ongoing legal compliance, including board meetings, minutes, and annual report filings. Additionally, as part of a nonprofit organization’s tax-exempt status, we provide advice and counsel on matters that may impact an organization’s tax-exempt status, such as the types of revenue generation matters in which it may engage. This is particularly important for our nonprofit clients with political and policy goals. We advise these clients in how they can further their organizational objectives while maintaining their tax-exempt status. And, as appropriate, we represent our nonprofit clients in litigation, including on policy matters.

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