June 1, 2018

King County wins lawsuit, blocks federal government from terminating science-based teen pregnancy prevention program

Along with Democracy Forward, Pacifica Law Group attorneys Greg Wong and Athan Papailiou successfully represented King County in a lawsuit blocking the Department of Health and Human Services from ending funding for a teen pregnancy prevention grant.  Linked below are some newspaper articles covering the case.

King County press release, May 29, 2018: “In a major victory to King County, a federal judge ruled that the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services illegally terminated a sexual health education grant to Public Health — Seattle & King County. Today’s judicial action adds momentum to a national effort to push back against the politicization of public health initiatives and marks the fourth time in recent weeks that federal courts have ruled against the Trump administration.”  To read the full King County press release, click here>

Other press coverage:

CNN:Federal judge rules HHS illegally ended funding for teen pregnancy prevention”

Seattle Times: “Judge blocks Trump administration from ending King County teen-pregnancy-prevention grant”

KOMO News:Another judge blocks feds from ending teen pregnancy grant”