February 8, 2023

PacificaU Public Finance Seminars

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2023-2024 Public Finance Seminars: A series of primers and compliance trainings for state and municipal bond issuers (CPA/CLE pending).

Trainings provided in a hybrid format to allow for both in person and Zoom attendance.  Lunch or reception to follow, for those attending in person.


Bonds 101: A municipal bond primer. Overview of municipal bond types, debt limits and other Washington state law requirements, federal tax requirements and federal securities law considerations.  A primer for staff or elected officials new to bond transactions or a helpful refresher of key considerations for those with bond experience. (Deanna Gregory, Toby Tobler); Mar. 2, 2023 (9-10 a.m., followed by coffee reception)

Bonds 201: Securities law.  A review of the antifraud and other securities law requirements applicable to municipal bonds. Includes an update on recent Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement proceedings, and a refresher on compliance procedures.  This session also is intended to satisfy compliance procedures that require periodic securities law training. (Stacey Lewis, Toby Tobler); May 18, 2023 (9-10 a.m., followed by coffee reception and Tax Compliance session)

Bonds 201: Tax compliance A review of the federal tax requirements that apply to tax-exempt governmental bonds. Includes discussion of arbitrage requirements and private use limitations, an update on post-issuance tax compliance requirements, and a refresher on compliance procedures. This session also is intended to satisfy compliance procedures that require periodic tax law training. (Alison Benge, Katherine Van Gunst); May 18, 2023, 10:30-11:30, preceded by Securities Law session and coffee reception)

Bonds 301: IRS Audits and Information Requests. A work session focusing on the records requested by the IRS in connection with information requests and audits of tax-exempt bonds. Review of IRS protocols and recent trends. Practical steps to take now, and immediately upon receipt of a request.  (Alison Benge, Stacey Lewis); coming first quarter, 2024.

Bonds 301: 501(c)(3) housing bonds and Compliance Issues (Closed session).*

Housing Finance: LIHTC and Bonds + Subordinate Loans Part 1 and Part II (Closed sessions).*

Ethics for Public Employees (Closed session).*

*Note: please let us know if you would like a training on any bond-related topic for your entity.

To register, contact Mia Wiltse for information: Mia.Wiltse@pacificalawgroup.com